The Lusitanian Music label releases the new EP from Sacred Sin for hearing!

The return of the Portuguese Death Metal purveyors in 2020 with the EP "Born Suffer Die", released by Lusitanian Music in April, 24th 2020.

Recorded at ROCK 'N' RAW estúdios studio (Lisbon) in December 2019, produced by Sacred Sin. Featuring the mastery of To Pica, former Sacred Sin guitar player back in the band, and leading the production. Get blown by chainsaw guitar tones, heavy crunchy riffs, reminding of swedish death metal tones like Entombed, Grave, At The Gates... blend in with fantastic harmonies, shredding melodic leads and orchestrations standout adding a modern touch. Powerful big thundering drums, massive and vicious beats, crushing heavy and fast.

Furious vocals growling but still clear and aggressive rhymes punch in your face, reminders of the like of old Morbid Angel meets Slayer. Sacred Sin is back with this EP, advancing the upcoming full album to be released this Fall.

Listen to the whole work, here, directly in the Coletivo La Migra:

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Source: Lusitanian Music

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